The addictive magic of swimming in the sea

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Thrill of cold water is an electrifying thought for an increasing number of sea-swimmers

Diego’s Sea Swimming Story:

I was very bored and unmotivated during lockdown 3.0 and I wanted to do a little bit of sports and the 5km jog just wasn’t doing the job. I guess you could say the couch to 5km, left me on the couch re-watching Netflix!

While scrolling on my phone once evening I couldn’t have thought of a better idea….but to buy a wetsuit! Damn those targeted Facebook ads!

Motivated by the idea of going swimming on the beautiful beaches of Salthill, I bought the suit and went for a dip. Well let me tell you folks, it was crazy, some might say cold but being from Uruguay I would say (in an Irish way) BALTIC! With the progress of the days I got a little used to the water. Given the calm sea it is very easy to swim by running and jumping, haha.  The best is to jump off Blackrock diving board, during high tide of course. 

But all jokes aside you have to be prepared physically and mentally. They say people who regularly swim in cold water rarely get sick, so no Corona over this way thank you!

I have slowly been convincing the rest of the staff of The Woodquay Hostel to join me, a little harder than a thought. But when you come to visit the hostel in Galway, ask us at the desk and we will either show you where the best beaches are (both Galway and Connemara) or we will just bring you for a dip.  

As always please check out for all the latest updates on Covid-19


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