Rent a Bike and cycle out to Silver Strand and Barna Woods you won’t regret it


We love coffee, am i right Galway?!

Your journey would be not completed without the excellent taste in a few cafeterias around Galway.
At any time of the day you can indulge yourself with some delicious cakes, muffins, croissants, cheesecakes or cookies accompanied with drinks like an espresso, cappuccino, perfect lattes, classic Americano or a cup of hot chocolate. We believe in supporting local and these businesses with extended members of baristas, chefs, bakers, patisseries, and producers, all work together to continue expanding their savoury products and coffees for us to indulge and love even more!
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Nature Walk anyone?

It’s nice to socialise with people but it’s also good to socialise with nature in these times. Open your eyes more and you’ll see how much there is to discover in Galway’s nature scene. You will find a paradise; from … Read More

Take a stroll with us…

Well, what can we say…. a lot? Salthill is a Galway gem that we all love.  When walking the promenade every evening (sun, hail, rain, or snow), you escape the city and world around you. Start your walk from Nimmos … Read More

5 Photos of outstanding beauty in Galway

Now is the time to explore our love for Galway, with sea, rivers, mountains, lakes, forests, castles and beaches. This is the perfect opportunity for locals to seek out spots you may have missed or rediscover Galway in all it’s … Read More

For traditional Irish music try Tigh Chóilí or Taffees, right in the main street. Another equally great option would be in The Crane, where it's worth checking their upstairs bar


Staying local…Woodquay. Galway’s hidden neighbourhood

Woodquay is one of the oldest communities in Galway, It’s right where the River Corrib meets the Atlantic. A great place for tourists, swans and the locals. A stone’s through from Eyre Square and Shop street, Woodquay is bursting with … Read More

If you’re after a pint you can’t go a miss with the Salt House. They have more than your usual pint to choose from. If they have their pineapple sour beer, get it. You shouldn’t be disappointed


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